Welcome to the Digital Chalkie Educational Blog. Today I’m going to discuss “While Loop in  C programming”. This article belongs to our  ” C Programming Tutorial Series”

This is a C Program to find the largest and minimum elements in an array.

Unique elements in array and duplicate elements are two most important things in the programming. In here we try to sort unique elemenyts

Count the frequency of an element of an array with a C Program.

How to sort the elements of array in C programming. You can sort them in Ascending and Descending style after following this article.

How to write C Program to find Perfect Number Using For Loop and IF Condition.

Learn how to use while loop in C programs with the help of flow diagram and examples with Digital Chalkie.

Arrays in C programming with examples: An array is a group (or collection) of same data types. Learn how to use array in C language.

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